Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gibbs: sputum exsplendia abotliar Obamicus

Via Byron York and the Washington Examiner this exchange of 'brilligs' and 'slithery tove' between Gibbs and Questioner:

Later in that same briefing, a reporter raised the C-Span issue again:

QUESTION: Okay, just lastly, why can't you answer the C-Span question --

GIBBS: I did.

QUESTION: You didn't, because you said --

GIBBS: I said I hadn't seen the letter, which I haven't --

QUESTION: do you need to see a letter? I mean, this is something the President said during the campaign and he talked about he wants everything open on C-SPAN --

GIBBS: Dan asked me about the letter and I haven't read the letter.

QUESTION: Well, I'll just ask you about having it on C-Span --

GIBBS: I answered Dan's question and I answered this before we left for the break, Keith. The President's number-one priority is getting the differences worked out, getting a bill to the House and the Senate…

QUESTION: There are a lot of reasons not to do it on C-Span -- people could showboat. Does he regret making that statement during the campaign?


Fast forward to Wednesday's briefing. Another question from another reporter:

NO. Let's fast forward backwards to what should have happened:

INQUISITIONER: Gibby, the Pres. promised eight times to put everrything on CSPAN. He hasn't done it yet. (And stop right there. No more question. And wait)

GIBBS: Mrplxs. biffgs pfoe fflopa zs.e !

INQUISITIONER: He hasn't done it yet.

D.C. al perpetua. It is pointless to use this forum as if it were a question and answer show and tell. It is not. If someone would just stand there and repeat, "He hasn't yet, he hasn't yet, he hasn't yet", the intransigence of the exchange would be the 'news', as it should be. And then the facts would become visible, like a drug side effect.

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