Friday, January 8, 2010

Islam, The Religion of Showgirls

At the Strategy Page we read :

"As Pakistani security forces take over more Taliban facilities in South Waziristan, they are horrified to find religious schools that specialize in convincing poor, rural teenagers to be suicide bombers. It only works on a few percent of the students, which is why there were so many of these schools. Captured suicide bombers in Afghanistan had freely discussed these schools, but this is the first time Pakistani officials have been able to examine them closely. The Taliban have developed a curriculum that combines religion and Islamic radical preaching, and the promise of sex and luxury living, to produce suicide bombers. Lurid details of all this are being widely reported in the media, fueling even more enthusiasm for continued efforts against the Taliban. In the last three months, Taliban terror attacks have killed over 600 people, most of them ordinary civilians."

This phony paradise should be ridiculed from the highest rooftops and mastheads. And it should further be pointed out that there are entire cities in America where sex and luxury living can be had among the living, and one doesn't need to self immolate to get it. Las Vegas comes to mind. On the one hand, the Taliban want to destroy the immoralities of the west, and on the other are promising Las Vegas and Mardi Gras if you'll just put on this colored vest and push this button. "And 66 more, just like these!",

'The Religion of Showgirls'

Ridicule, scorn, and more scorn and ridicule.

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