Saturday, July 19, 2008

What Other Brands of Thugs Tell Themselves

And what happens to them. One of the beauties of science is its effort to find theories to explain observed events. When observed events, as observed by Mssr's. Galileo, Copernicus et. al., began to overtake the mythology of one long dead Egyptian, Herr Ptolemy, the earth and the sun exchanged positions in the solar system. There was much gnashing of teeth and pontificating by the Star Tribune editorial board : "Also in recovery mode is our larger community, shaken to its soul by this assault on its sense of safety and security." We wrote here, "To the extent they believe their black skin means they must dress, behave, and talk in a particular manner is their choice!" And now the consequences belong to them alone. Tough. (I have compassion for all those caught up in this not unusual mess of human nature, but tough. You pays your money, you takes your chances.)

These guys told themselves they were 'War Resisters'. Uh huh:

"An American army deserter who took refuge in Canada before returning to the U.S. voluntarily was given a dishonourable discharge yesterday and sentenced to nine months in jail, a close supporter said."

"One of those other resisters is 25-year-old Robin Long.
Long became the first American war resister deported from Canada Tuesday, and could also potentially face a court martial."

Felons now, not "resisters". And the sun still does not revolved around either resisters or the earth. What were you guys thinking?

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