Saturday, July 19, 2008

Will the Real Obama Lockhart...

After reading this at Instapundit, "The Gilderoy Lockhart of candidates?
UPDATE: Reader J.P. Hrutka emails: 'You may be more correct than you think. Gilderoy used memory erasing spells and liberals use the memory-hole/current-truth incantation. What is the difference, eh?' This would explain the website-airbrushing . . . . " I asked my fan-of-the-Harry Potter-books-we-hated-the-movies-wife, "Which Harry Potter character Obama is?" Instantly!! Faster even than a speeding Obama pirrouette around a moving bullet outpacing the racing locomotive from the front of which Einstein saw globs of light moving forward in pomposity and backwards in scrubbed policy positions she said, "Gilderoy Lockhart". Heh.

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