Thursday, May 1, 2008

Benedict, 'Jimmah', Barak,Arafat & Wright

Look at what we are seeing in the public panoramas. The representative, by his assertion, of the 'Black Church', was preceded by the Vicar of Christ, dressed in white. While the latter, the heir of St. Peter visited the current office holder in the lineage of George Washington, another of that lineage, arguably the worst such representative of modern time and memory, lays roses at the dirt covering the founder of modern terrorism.

If the not so revered Wright speaks for the 'Black Church', I invite him to listen more closely to the Vicar of Christ. Would the not so Reverend tell is there is a 'Black' Golden Rule? Is Barak's idea of transcending race to say, pay no attention to that man screaming "God d-! America" from the pulpit for 20 years, I didn't?

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