Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An Open Field for the Proxies

Mine, and Anonymous's comments from the Princeton blog, The Prox, put here for context and reference.

A syllogism to show the foolishness of Anon's comment below might be written thus: A Princeton student lied about being attacked. The Princeton student holds conservative ideas. Another Princeton student asserts that, from one student who lied, and who a happens to have to conservative ideas that, therefore all conservatives are liars. Following this reasoning, I, therefore assert, that, because this commenter is anonymous, and unknown to me, and that all Princeton students are unknown to me, Princeton has only one student, and all of them are incapable of reasoning, because they are really llamas.

Anonymous said: " Nava is a shameless, dishonest liar- though what conservative isn't these days?
December 18, 2007 3:58 PM

Broadsword said: "Here's a quote; can you guess the speaker: "There you go again". Anyone, anyone, Bueller? Anon #5 said, "...though what conservative isn't these days". Hmm...Martha said: "in the past failed to really rise to the task of fostering debate and creating a truly inclusive community." Martha, I'd say the past has returned. Although I don't give a rats rectum about being included, I am certainly up to debate. Although the Anons ought to show themselves; it's very difficult telling them apart. They all look alike you know. I"ll keep it simple. Anon #5, have you met or sampled all conservatives? No. Then you, sir, are a political bigot. Yes, that's a gauntlet at your feet. You have the choice of weapon. I suggest you not choose invective, as it can be refuted by merely standing upwind.

Anonymous said: "Wow this Broadsword dude needs to chill out..."
December 18, 2007 8:39 PM

Broadsword said: "Chillin' out here...The quote came from Ronaldus Magnus. Does Anon #5 have no seconds willing to support his assertion that all conservatives are shameless, dishonest liars? Or is this the type of anonymous attack in the dark OK, even though also, made up? I have opened the lists at Where are the Isotopes I Ordered, if anyone wants to enter the field there to argue the virtue of anonymous slander."

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Bryan said...


While it's nice that you're trying to start a dialogue with whoever wrote the comments on the Daily Princetonian blog, I really doubt they even saw your response or looked at it closely enough to be interested in engaging in an argument with you. After looking at those comments, they appeared to be simple, quick, comments made out of frustration at the events that Nava caused - not actually a sign of any sort of actual contemplation or intelligent thinking. Whoever wrote those comments has surely moved on to their wonderful little Christmas vacation and probably doesn't even remember posting them. I think I said this before but it seems like, at least for most people, comments on a blog are not a very good place for throughtful, intelligent discussion because you generally only write a couple of paragraphs, in which you surely cannot espouse all of the nuances of an argument. Anybody who says anything is surely bound to forget something...

That said, I'm sure you're most upset about the "what conservative isn't these days?" quote. I would assure you that the vast, vast majority of moderates, liberals, and progressives would not make sure nasty, ill-informed blanket statements about conservatives. We know better than that. We know that conservatives, though we may disagree with them, are generally intelligent and thoughtful and have legitimate reasons for their beliefs. So either Anon#5 who somehow got you so riled up is either the 1 in 10000 who isn't empathetic enough to understand that conservatives are people too, or, as I said before, was just quickly and briefly expressing frustration at the situation without really going into any sort of nuances and without thinking about the broader implications about what he said.

So yeah, simmer down, and maybe an intelligent discussion can happen. No need to get riled up.