Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's What for Dinner?

If you read this in a restaurant's menu...

"If it is part of an overarching package, then I am not going to be rigid in preventing an energy package that goes forward that is really thoughtful and is going to really solve the problem."

...would you order it for dinner?

"This arrugala is part of an overarching package that is not rigid in preventing an energy package working its way forward down the intestional track record by means of an intermittent epiglottal-windpipe bypass assisted by alimentary canal flucuations..."

Would you eat it, if it was free?

1 comment:

kreiz1 said...

Just read your comment over at Pajama Media:

"Oh come on! I have it on good authority that wind powered aeroplanes and solar powered submarines are mere weeks away from the ascension of His Inflated-ness to the Throne."

Cracked me up- though you omitted those cool flying saucers on The Jetsons.

Nicely done. Always love deus ex machina in matters of technology.