Sunday, July 20, 2008

Barak's Ptak: the Bomb Dropped on Pearl Harbor

"The bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor" at Jeff Emanuel, Combat Journalist.

My comment: It's a very tiny bit of history; I'm not surprised His Lightness of Cerebella knows about it. What He presumed was its common knowledge throughout the hoi polloi. The uninformed and ignorant ought to accept as a compliment, His Lightness's belief that all Americans, left, right, center, sweet, sour, salty and bitter, the irreligious and the non-religious, the let goers and the Klingoners know who Pearl Harbor was. Your ignorance ought not incline you folks to predjudice. The Harbor Master at Pearl Harbor, one Sean Sweeney McGuinnis O'Flattery was very found of both his adopted country, (himself hailing from County Cork), the United States Navy, his second home, and, of all things, though not surprising, even though English, Jack Russell Terriers. His Jack Russell terrier,appropriately, was named after his duty station, "Pearl Harbor". "Pearl Harbor" hated the Japs with a fierceness the Bush-haters could only dream about at their nastiest, salivatingly-est, utmostness-est. "Pearl Harbor" took a bomb in the teeth saving the life of Mr. Sweeney McGuinnis O'Flattery. Curiously enough, Watanabe Kurishino Devlin, the Japanese pilot of the Zeke which dropped the Bomb on Pearl Harbor was a very distant cousin of Sweeney, his grandmother having been seduced, not unwillingly, by Mr. O'Flattery's step grandfather of the Shanghai merchant fleet at a stop in Yokohama in 1911. The story goes on, like Barak, somewhat interminably, with twists through Chinese hairpin makers, Korean dog breeders and obscure Christian churches in the Cook Islands. Though I know all this history well, His Obamaness will stop at nothing to relearn history to us too. Change we cannot not disbelieve in.

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