Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Greasy, grimy Obama Guts

Joe Lieberman gave a speech at the Center for Global Engagement on July 15th. He are his remarks about the candidate whose middle name must not be spoken.

Senator Obama this morning said that he wants a foreign policy that is “tough, smart, and principled.” This afternoon, I ask: was it tough when Senator Obama voted to order U.S. forces to retreat from Iraq on a fixed timeline—regardless of the recommendations of our military commanders, regardless of conditions on the ground? Was it smart when Senator Obama opposed the surge and predicted that it would fail to improve security? Was it principled when Senator Obama said that he would order U.S. troops to retreat from Iraq, regardless of the humanitarian consequences for millions of innocent Iraqis—even genocide? Was it tough and principled when Senator Obama said he would be open to changing his plan for Iraq after going there and talking to General Petraeus—only to change that position a few hours later after being heatedly criticized by organizations like I say respectfully, the answer to all of those questions is no.

Changing his mind by moving his lips differently, we cannot believe anything we hear.

For anyone who wants to wade through it, the Center for US Global Engagement is here. An "About Us" quote: The Center for U.S. Global Engagement, the educational arm of the U.S. Global Leadership Campaign, unites business, humanitarian, faith-based, community and military leaders around the country to broaden our understanding of America’s interests in building a better, safer world. The Center works to educate and inspire support among the public, opinion leaders and policymakers for increasing American assistance abroad and strengthening our leadership in international affairs.

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