Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh the Hyperbole!!

Take a deep breath of oxygen, a sip or two of red wine and wade through Chris Hedges "Hands Off Iran". I'll plow snow until you get back. _____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Back already? I wonder does he believe this stuff himself? Really? I believe Job in the belly of the whale, but this fish tale..... The possible-maybes-could-sorta-kinda-perhapses are thicker than a slab Texas limestone. it’s a wonder my printer doesn’t clog, warnings flashing on the screen “Too much speculative verbiage. Reboot.” Every paragraph if his could be an entry in an "It Was a Dark & Stormy Night" writing contest. Category: Prose. Literary Style: Apocalyptic. Inclination: Hysterical

If this sort of "Huh? Say what?" writing is insight into the tough nut of Iran, and its nuclear ambitions, then God and all the Saints “ Halp us!” Does he really believe all this abstract hyperbole? Are all the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, their friends from the Purple Sage, and Dale & Roy & Silver & Trigger & Tonto & the KimoSabe and Lulu Belle , and Tony the Wonder Horse of doom are poised and waiting to descend upon the entire region? Vast herds of the Swords and Neutrons of Damocles will immediately gallop onto the piled up nuclear reactor ambitions of Iran, that enriched radioactive landmass three times the size of four times the size of sixteen times the size of Delaware plus a few beaches from Maryland, and their stampede will instantly set the entire region into an uncontrolled chain reaction? “Disruptions felt immediately igniting the Middle Ease soaring to a triggering global depression protracted, with futile guerrilla war in humiliation over increased terrorist attacks with full-scale guerrilla resistance widespread, sabotage of oil productions in solidarity, firing rockets, perhaps unnavigable, could maybe in some cases many think though not all believe result in more unstable neat little war with a range of 1100 miles, before it was made public from a rogue nuclear stateundo(ing) five decades of international cooperation, thrust(ing) us into a Hobbesian nightmare in a state of permanent war, being snuffed out to stoke a public clamor for revenge????

” But……………… if we do nothing……….. Iran's nuclear materials will suddenly turn out to have been an enormous mound of lead, plastered over with the antique radioactive luminous dials of 65 million, 1966 vintage Timexes?

“Ha, ha, ha, ....we told you- the 3000 centrifuges were just to make face of watches to glow in the dark, not Tel Aviv! HA HA HA!!"

Hedges last sentence …. “Once the slaughter is over”

---WAIT!!!!!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN, “ONCE THE SLAUGHTER IS OVER?” You know how everything will happen if a particular President, from a particularly sandy, hot, dry state in the west, deigns even to glance in a particular direction, with a particular Imperial Gleam in his “Smash the Civil Liberties, Full Repression Ahead” beady Texan eyes…all these things you promise us will come to pass, and more if we do not fall down and worship all the wisdom of your world that you will give to us?

But how it ends…?......the rest is-----

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